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Brooklyn divorce lawyer

As a Brooklyn divorce lawyer we recognize that a lot of our customers look for help during an exceptionally stressful period. We focus on listening and advising each consumer to help them to meet their objectives cautiously, rapidly, and as price conscious as we can as their lawyer. At our NY office, we are here when you require the help of an attorney. Each of them is well-informed, concerned about your welfare, and are dedicated in representing your top interests.

Uncontested Divorce

You can get an uncontested divorce under circumstances if neither party is disputing the issues in your divorce. These issues may include topics like custody or support of a child, dividing up your assets, or health insurance. Plus, this type of divorce can also be represented by a Brooklyn divorce lawyer if you meet these standards:

  1. Your spouse refused to reply to the actions from our attorneys for the divorce action, or
  2. Your spouse replies, but isn’t contesting your divorce

A Brooklyn divorce lawyer can do your paperwork for this type of divorce in your initial appointment, and then it takes about six weeks to finish. You don’t even have to make an appearance in court!

Contested Divorce

However, your divorce may not be friendly. If a spouse is against the divorce, or you are, then your divorce lawyer will pursue a speedy settlement that will benefit you. The goal of your lawyer is to get you a settlement that is favorable, as well as staying away from any high costs or un-needed litigation.

But, should your spouse be disinclined to come to an agreement, never fear because your attorney has the necessary skills and familiarity to handle your court case in an aggressive and zealous fashion as your lawyer represents you in all stages of the court process.

Divorce by Publication

At times, some people may wish to get divorced, but they have no idea where the spouse is located. It’s still possible to get a divorce even if this occurs. When a spouse can’t be found, the proper paperwork is prepared and the documents are given to the Court, and then the law office puts in an order that will serve the spouse via publicizing it the newspaper. This action is generally referred called “divorce by publication.” It can be done without anyone appearing in court.

Separation Agreements

At times, couples agree that they need to live separately; however, for reasons including finances, personal circumstances, etc., they don’t want to get divorced. If this is your situation, then you can get legally separated with a separation agreement. This isn’t the same as a divorce, because you are still legally married. But, the agreement does let you both determine things like child or spousal support, child custody, property agreements and other vital issues.

A separation agreement is a true contract that is binding, so it is needed to be done by a law office since it is legal paperwork. We can put together a satisfactory separation agreement that protects and benefits our client at the time they sign the separation agreement to any possible divorce in the future.


An annulment is a method of voiding out a marriage. It can be done if a spouse made a vital promise to you that directly applied to your marriage, but then you found out they never were going to fulfill this promise.

An annulment is a lawful process for pronouncing a marriage as being not binding. While a divorce ends a marriage, an annulment actually causes the same thing as if there had never been a marriage in the first place. Fraud is one of the main causes of marriage annulments in the New York area.

Name change

Lots of reasons exist that could cause someone to wish to legally change their name. For example, it could be for reasons such as professional, or their religion, or it could just be because they don’t like their current name. All of these are normal reasons for a request to change a name. We can do the documents needed for a name change and will represent the case in a Civil Court action.